Syria forced to bomb its own SAM sites

According to an unverified report on Defense Tech, the Syrian government was forced to bomb its own surface to air missile site after the Syrian opposition, with the help of Syrian army defectors, took over the site. As mideast expert Daniel Pipes compellingly argues, no matter how brutal the Syrian civil war Western states have no dog in this fight. Generalized humanitarian concerns face problems of veracity, feasibility, and consequence. Anti-regime insurgents, who are gaining on the battlefield, appear responsible for at least some atrocities. Western electorates may not accept the blood and treasure required for humanitarian intervention. It must succeed quickly, say within a year. The successor government may (as in the Libyan case) turn out even worse than the existing totalitarianism. Together, these factors argue compellingly against humanitarian intervention. In addition, he continues, there are some benefits to the rest of the world to the continued fighting in Syria. It...(Read Full Post)