Survivor 2012: Wisconsin

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is the first governor in history to survive a recall. He didn't just win, he trounced the labor unions yet again. I mean, the Democrat union stooge. Sorry, that would be the Democrat contender. Walker ran on a platform of doing what the people hired him to do which is what he thought was best for the State and its economy. Barrett ran on a platform of getting the unions their power back. When asked what his plan was for creating jobs, he said his first priority was to reverse the Walker labor busting legislation and then he would look for ideas on bringing back jobs. This race was a no brainer from the start. Or was it? The unions -- shoot -- I mean the Democrats just had to use their $30 million to convince 2% to 3% of the voters who voted for Walker in the last election to swing over to Barrett. They knew that they could count on their base of sheeples, they just needed to find some new suckers. For thirty million dollars they could have bought the...(Read Full Post)