Stim bill cash aids Worldcom felon

David Myers, Worldcom's controller, spent 9 months in jail for his role in cooking the books that destroyed one of the giants of the telecom industry. Frankly, that's hardly "repaying your debt to society." He got a deal for testifying against his boss, and got off with a wrist slap. So it's a little surprising that Myers received a $7.45 million loan guarantee from the Department of Agriculture in order to buy a health care business in Mississippi. The guarantee was part of a program funded by the $880 billion stimulus bill. Business Week: Ways LLC, a company formed by Myers and Peter Koury, a health-care executive, received one of the 515 loan guarantees made by a U.S. Department of Agriculture rural development program under the 2009 federal economic-stimulus bill. The USDA guaranteed a $7.45 million loan from a Louisiana bank, allowing Myers and his partner to finance the purchase of a home health agency that provides care to 650 people in the Mississippi Delta, one of the...(Read Full Post)