Same-Sex Marriage Costs Obama Same Race Voters

I confess.  I am stunned and excited.  Black family and friends who voted for Obama are saying they will not vote for Obama this time around. Why?  It's the "gay marriage-thing."  Obama recently came out in support of gay marriage.  Black folks simply cannot roll with it. Someone who attends an all-black church told me their pastor said, "God destroyed cities because of homosexuality." Though under-reported, Obama supporting gay-marriage has created a firestorm in the black Christian community.  Black pastors are attempting to pressure the president to walk back his support of what they consider an abomination. Black pastors are also offended by what they call the "hijacking" of the civil rights movement by the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community. A relative said despite the great job Obama is doing with the economy, he cannot sell out his Christian values for economic prosperity.  Thus, he cannot vote for a president who...(Read Full Post)