Russia says it won't oppose Assad departure

Increasingly isolated in the world community because of its support of Syria's brutal crackdown, Russia is giving signs that it may be willing to see the departure of their ally, President Bashar Assad, under certain conditions. Haaretz: Russia will not oppose the departure of Syria's President Bashar Assad if such a move is a result of a dialogue between Syrians themselves and is not enforced through external pressure, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday. "If the Syrians agree (about Assad's departure) between each other, we will only be happy to support such a solution," Lavrov told reporters. "But we believe it is unacceptable to impose the conditions for such a dialogue from outside." Seventeen people, including 10 women, were killed overnight by shelling in the Syrian town of Deraa, where the uprising against Assad erupted 15 months ago, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday. Fighting was also reported in Homs and Damascus, killing a total of 44...(Read Full Post)