Romney Visited Black Islamist-Run Charter School in Philadelphia

While Big Media push the humdrum message about similarities between Romney's and Obama's education policies, they ignore the glaring story of the Republican candidate quailing next to an Islamist activist.

Which campaign advisor sent Mitt Romney into a charter school in West Philadelphia run by a Black Muslim radical?

In an odd visit on May 24 to the charter school Universal Bluford ES to discuss his education policies, Romney sat next to Kenneth Gamble, real estate and charter schools tycoon who has a purported  ideological agenda:

"We are not just here for Universal, we are down here for Islam."

In a website dedicated to exposing militant Islamist activities in the U.S., an entry states Gamble's connection to other radicals:

Siraj Wahhaj (an unindicted co conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombings) was the keynote speaker at a recent event held by the Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA) where Gamble the president of Univeral [sic] Companies, was honored with a community service award. Gamble is a member of MANA's Majlis As Shura (religious council) and the founder and Amir of the United Muslim Movement the Islamist da'wa wing of his Universal Companies enterprise.

Gamble's nonprofit Universal Companies' real estate holdings cover an "enormous parcel that comprises the entire south-central part of the city, running from 5th Street out to 22nd, and from South Street down to Tasker."

Mayor Michael Nutter, who led a protest outside the Romney forum taking place inside the school, loves Gamble's operations.

"The work that Rahim [president and CEO of Universal Companies], Kenny and Faatimah [Gamble's wife] and the entire Universal family is doing is transforming neighborhoods, changing lives, creating opportunity and showing that it can actually be done - neighborhood after neighborhood, block after block, house after house."

Pamela Geller in 2011 on Atlasshrugs cuts to the heart of the issue of Gamble's presence in this poverty-stricken area:

Entirely left out of this whole discussion, of course, is what kind of schools the Islamist-inspired Universal would run, and where the $9 million in annual Philadelphia taxpayer funds would be spent.

Gamble is also founder of the black/Islamic supremacist United Muslim Movement, but this affiliation hasn't stopped his success in garnering public funds for his projects.

In April of 2003, the city of Philadelphia issued a press release announcing a $100 million revitalization plan, whereby Universal Companies would build or renovate nearly 400 homes in South Philadelphia, through the local government's Neighborhood Transformation Initiative (NTI).

In response to a reporter's inquiries about Universal's debatable claims for reducing urban blight, Gamble in a 2011 online article entitled "King Kenny" sounds like a Marxist when he says, "The welfare of the community overrides any individual."

Tell that to the thousands of disaffected individuals in the streets of South Philly who are being used to advance an agenda of a rock star turned Islamist radical.

As for candidate Romney, his token stint to satisfy whoever told him to go to the charter-school-in-the-hood in the first place raises lots of questions which need to be answered.

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