President Obama and the Machiavellian Fallacy

Despite a Zogby poll back in 2011 indicating that President Obama's "outreach" program to the Islamic world (Ummah) wasn't working, the Obama team continues to pursue a policy of trying to ingratiate itself to the Ummah with demonstrations of humility, deference and respect coupled with offerings of tribute, i.e., the money of American taxpayers. As an example of the Solyndra-like returns on our money, here is an recent account of the thanks we get in the UN. * $2 billion annually to Egypt. Result: Egypt votes 79% against the US in the UN. * $192 million annually to Jordan. Result: Jordan votes 79% against the US in the UN. * $6.7 billion annually  to Pakistan. Result: Pakistan votes 75% against the US in the UN. * A particularly galling example of the futility of buying the hearts and minds of Muslims is the "piddling" $1.2 billion biennial aid to UNRWA which supports Jordanian refuge "camps" like Baqua. It  is a city celebrating it's 50th anniversary. A city full of shops...(Read Full Post)