Our Plagiarizing President

John Podhoretz notes - as have others, including the Obama-worshipping Jonathan Alter over at MSNBC - how boring Barack Obama's speech was yesterday in Ohio. Not only was it long-winded but it just recycled the same rhetoric Obama has been using for the past few years. Literally recycling - using the exact same phrases from previous speeches. Podhoretz writes in the New York Post: The president gave a speech about the economy yesterday to put his stumbling campaign on a strong new footing - and cribbed most of it from speeches he delivered last year... ... Obama dug back into his bag of tricks and brought out a bunch of unsuccessful arguments - ones that failed to generate support when he first advanced them and failed to move the policy needle in his direction. A long passage about how Abraham Lincoln was both the first Republican president and the first Big Government president came directly out of his Sept. 9, 2011, speech before a joint session of Congress to push his...(Read Full Post)