Obama's Number One Priority?

In a Bill Clintonesque off-script moment, on Friday, Obama declared that the economy is fine during a rare press conference. Maybe that would explain why dealing with the economy and finding a meaningful solution for continued record unemployment are not his biggest concerns right now. "The economy is fine so now I can concentrate on more important things." What could be more important? Raising money for his campaign, of course. That's right. Since declaring his candidacy a year ago he has done 153 fundraisers. That's nearly double the number that President Bush had done to the same point in 2004. And it doesn't include his numerous trips around the country supposedly promoting his "ideas" for improving the economy which never turned into "plans" which never resulted in "action" because he was too busy campaigning and raising money to sit down in his office and try to build consensus to pass something. You remember those trips. Most famously the taxpayer funded Midwest bus...(Read Full Post)