ObamaCare and Our Paramount Law

On the eve of the ObamaCare decision, it is worth reading the words of John Marshall from the landmark case Marbury v. Madison. To this day, Marshall's words sum up what the ObamaCare case is all about perhaps better than any writings of legal scholars, journalists or politicians. They are magnificent. If whoever writes the majority opinion in the ObamaCare case comes close to articulating the nature of our Constitution as well as Marshall did, the republic has a chance. If not . . .. The Constitution is our "paramount" law. The sole object of the Constitution is to set forth the framework, duties and limits of government. Unlike other laws written pursuant to the Constitution, which laws have effect over the people, the object of the Constitution is what government may and may not do. It is therefore best described not as a compact, but as the law that governs government. Viewing the Constitution as the "paramount" law -- the law that governs government -- is perhaps the first step...(Read Full Post)