Obama: Thoughtful and deliberate or just slow?

Listening to President Obama speak one would assume from his demeanor and delivery that he is both thoughtful and deliberate. And when you factor in his frequent use of prefaces like "make no mistake" and "let me be perfectly clear," it seems perfectly clear and without mistake that when the president answers a question or makes a statement, he is very thoughtful and deliberate. In fact, President Obama's long-time supporters often tout his thoughtful and deliberate oratory as empirical evidence of his exceptional intellect and leadership qualities. So how does one resolve the issue of President Obama walking-back his thoughtful and deliberate statement from last Friday's economic press conference that America's "private sector is doing just fine?" Really? From focusing on the economy and jobs like a laser, to a billion dollars' worth of not-so-shovel ready jobs, to the summer of recovery discontent, to billions of gang-green energy investments, to $5 trillion of new debt, to 67.9...(Read Full Post)