Obama, the fast food president

Never again can anyone ever accuse Barack Obama of not accomplishing great things during his term as president. We all know that "real men don't eat" quiche, which is why when he's out on the road Barack Obama makes Guy Fieri, the corpulent star of "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives," look like a fast-food amateur. If he did nothing else, the President has managed to order and eat more hot dogs, chilidogs, spare ribs, hamburgers, shaved ice, and ice cream sundaes on camera than any other president in the history of America. When Obama is in town, be it Boulder, Colorado, home to The Sink, or Atlanta, where the renowned chilidog landmark The Varsity, a sea of fast-food opportunity awaits his breathless self.  So those working the counter in any city slated to be visited by Barack Obama as he zigzags across America campaigning this summer better straighten their paper hats, because dollars-to-donuts, it's almost certain poboy Barack will be paying a visit. Obama loves greasy spoons so...(Read Full Post)