Obama: Not enough white support to win

Theodore H. White wrote that you should think of voters as a series of boxes; white, black, union, office worker, stay at home mom, student, corporate president, business owner, etc. and that the candidate who could tie up enough of those boxes and deliver them to the voting booth would end up the winner. Barack Obama isn't tying up the box marked "white" and his current level of support suggests that he will lose the election. RealClearPolitics: What if Obama doesn't even match Dukakis with whites? That's the dynamic of 2012. This electorate has a white floor. And it has broken for this president. Democrats cannot depend on demographics to save them. Should Romney win the whites Obama lost, Romney will only need to perform as well as John McCain with minorities to win. This is true even under Democrats' most optimistic, and unlikely, demographic scenario: that the white share of the electorate decreases another two percentage points from 2008, blacks turn out at the same...(Read Full Post)