Obama campaign prepping thousands of lawyers for election challenges

The Associated Press refers to it as "a mass of legal support that appears to be unrivaled by Republicans or precedent." Thousands of election law attorneys are volunteering for the Obama campaign, no doubt to challenge voter ID enforcement, among other things. Romney has been organizing his own legal help for the election. Campaign attorney Ben Ginsberg did not provide numbers but said the campaign has been gratified by the "overwhelming number of attorneys who have volunteered to assist." "We will have enough lawyers to handle all situations that arise," he said. The GOP doesn't necessarily need to have a numerical counterweight to Obama's attorneys; the 2000 election showed that experienced, connected lawyers on either side can be effective in court. Former White House counsel Robert Bauer, who is organizing the Obama campaign's legal deployment, said there is great concern this year because he believes GOP leaders around the county have pursued new laws to impede the...(Read Full Post)