North Dakota Votes on abolishing property taxes

When North Dakotans go to the polls today, they'll have a chance to strike a blow for freedom. They can make their state the first in the nation to ban all property taxes.    With such levies having become a fixture on the American landscape, the ND proposal is seen as being radical.  But it is property taxes themselves that are radical.  I've always objected to property taxes because they do violence to the concept of property ownership.  After all, what am I describing when saying the following: I have to pay a fee on a regular basis to stay in a home or apartment, and if I don't I will be evicted from it? That is the status of a renter -- not a landowner. Any which way you slice it, property tax is rent you pay to the government.  Sure, we don't call it that.  But if the effect is the same, what's the difference?  And government, with its "surcharges" and "assessments," is infamous for conjuring up euphemisms for its excessive and unjust...(Read Full Post)