New York Times ponders the decline of NBC News

In an unintentionally hilarious article, New York Times scribes Bill Carter and Brian Stelter manage to analyze the ratings fall of NBC News without ever considering the effects of the swing to Obama sycophancy that has characterized that operation.  In fresh memory, one finds, for example, the outrageous editing of George Zimmerman's 911 call to make it appear he was racist, Andrea Mitchell's outrageous editing of a Mitt Romney speech on MSNBC  to make it appear he is an out of touch dolt (omitting the central point of his discussion of ordering a sandwich at WaWa and laughing on air at him), and the network's evening news broadcast failure to inform viewers about Fast and Furious until the Issa committee voted him in contempt of Congress. Because self-identified conservatives are the largest group in the American public, twice a numerous as self-identified liberals, such obvious and flagrant bias not only destroys credibility  earned over decades, it also obviously...(Read Full Post)