Nation marks a grim milestone

After suffering three and a half years of economic stagnation, high unemployment, war, and civil unrest, the United States marked a grim milestone, never before seen in our history. President Obama yesterday played his 100th round of golf in office. Americans are dying in combat in Afghanistan, but the president plays golf every 12 days or so. Millions have become so discouraged they no longer even bother looking for work, and the president plays golf. The net worth of American families has declined almost 40% while he is in office, and the president plays golf. There is nothing at all wrong with golf, but it is an expensive and very time-consuming recreation. George W. Bush stopped playing it while in office out of respect for the sacrifices of our military. No such consideration seems to exist for President Obama. At least he is not suspending enforcement of any laws while on the links.(Read Full Post)