Muslim Brotherhood candidate elected president of Egypt

We have no idea what went on behind the scenes before the announcement on Sunday that Mohammed Morsi, the candidate put forward by the Muslim Brotherhood, had won the presidency of Egypt over former Mubarak-era prime minister Ahmed Shafiq. But it is likely that there was at least tacit agreement between the army and the Brotherhood that any transformation of Egypt into a sharia state would not undermine the perogatives of the military. Reuters: Islamist Mohamed Morsy of the Muslim Brotherhood was elected president of Egypt with 51.7 percent of last weekend's run-off vote, defeating former general Ahmed Shafik, the state election committee said on Sunday. "President Morsy will struggle to control the levers of state," Elijah Zarwan, senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, said in Cairo. He succeeds Hosni Mubarak, who was overthrown 16 months ago after a popular uprising. The military council which has ruled the biggest Arab nation since then has...(Read Full Post)