Masked and Spurious

Within what used to the hallowed and respected halls of Congress...there amongst the current representatives of the people, are housed the memories of past leaders - the ghosts of the founders of our great country.  While it is certain that none of them could call themselves  "angels" or "100% pure," it's a safe bet that if any one of them had partaken in events, let alone even contemplated them, similar to those now being perpetrated by the Department of Justice and the ideologically motivated Attorney General, either a firing squad would have been convened or the gallows would have been set up and a pine box would be under construction. Isn't it bad enough that he has chosen which laws to enforce and which to overlook?  If justice is blind, then why is it that this man sees crime in two colors: black and white?  The murder of an American citizen was committed using a weapon that was supplied - to members of one of the most notorious drug cartels - by this...(Read Full Post)