Lone prof fights Obama Library at Univ of Chicago

The Chicago Sun-Times documents a lone professor, Charles Lipson's, fight against siting a proposed Obama library and museum on the University of Chicago campus. He argues that the university has a long standing policy of not taking political positions, and siting the institution there would inevitably clash with that policy. Proponents of placing the Obama library at the University of Chicago argue it's premature to discuss the issue; presumably it will be premature until the siting there is a fait accompli. Update: Charles Lipson explians further: Sunday's Chicago Sun-Times article about the Obama Library is largely accurate, though it misses one point I tried to emphasize.  The "library" (or federal repository for official papers) is perfectly appropriate for any serious university.  A "celebratory museum" (and its associated foundation) is not.  The public conflates the two and refers to them both as the Presidential library. I strongly oppose a...(Read Full Post)