Lessons in civility from Politico

So desperate are Obama supporters in the media that the more bigoted liberals among them have resorted to horrifying racism and sexual innuendo to demonize Mitt Romney.  John Nolte of Breitbart: Politico, the unofficial web-branch of MSNBC, and whose staff spends more time on MSNBC than Chris Matthews, has a so-called reporter named Joseph Williams who all but called Mitt Romney a racist on Martin Bashir's show today.  Williams says declaratively that Romney is only comfortable around white people. But if you think the video clip is disgraceful, wait till you see Mr. Williams' greatest tweets collection assembled below. "Dick" jokes about Ann Romney. Really. Go and read the tweets. I will not reproduce them here. They reflect a sick mind. Politico has responded with a wrist slap so far. Dylan Byers writes at that website: "Regrettably, an unacceptable number of Joe Williams's public statements on cable and Twitter have called into question his commitment to...(Read Full Post)