Legal scholars weigh in on Obamacare decision

Some thoughts from leading scholars and attorneys regarding the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act. (Note: The quotes were kindly passed along by Amanda Carey of CRC Public Relations in Alexandria, VA.) Randy Barnett, professor of law, Georgetown University:  "Today's decision validates our claim that a Congressional power to compel that all Americans engage in commerce was a constitutional bridge too far.  By rewriting the law to make it a 'tax,' the Court has now thrown ObamaCare into the political process where the People will decide whether this so-called 'tax' will stand.  And the People will also decide whether future Supreme Court nominees will pledge to enforce the Constitution's restrictions on the power of Congress."  Stephen Presser, professor of law, Northwestern University: "With the Chief Justice's turning to the taxing power to justify the individual mandate, what his opinion takes away under the Commerce clause, is, in...(Read Full Post)