Just another weekend in Obama's home town

An estimated 100-200 police provided security Saturday night for the extended Obama family as they visited their lovely Chicago home to attend the wedding of prominent aide Valerie Jarrett's daughter. Meanwhile, just a few blocks away, it was another typical Saturday night in Chicago for the district President Barack Obama (D) represented previously as a community organizer, state senator, a senator and now president. During the wedding festivities--and best wishes to the couple--within a few miles of the celebration there were "4 dead, 19 wounded in separate city shootings." Four people were killed and at least 19 others wounded Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning across the city, from the near North Side, west to the Austin neighborhood and as far south as 107th Street. This report is from an early morning analysis, they may have missed a few incidents. The night before, as the Obama entourage arrived and pre nuptial celebrations were underway. "1 dead, 9 wounded in separate...(Read Full Post)