It's nice to have terrorist pals in high places

Israeli officials are saying that a Hamas rocket attack on Friday was launched at the request of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas apparently used a Bedouin unit to carry out the attack, giving themselves deniability. Haaretz: Israeli security officials say that the rockets that landed on Friday in the area near Ovda and Mitzpeh Ramon, were launched after a request by senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. According to these officials, the rockets were launched from the Sinai Peninsula by a Bedouin unit, according to Hamas orders, even though Hamas itself wasn't the initiator of the launching, but responded to the request of the Brotherhood, who wanted such an event on the eve of the second round of presidential elections in Egypt. It is yet unclear why the Brotherhood requested such an unusual action, a first military strike against Israel, or whether the strike was aimed at specific sites in the area. So far, the Muslim Brotherhood leaders have presented a...(Read Full Post)