It's hard out there for a jihadi

Now would not be the best time to be a cave or hut-dwelling proponent of Islamo-fascist terrorism. Barack Obama may be falling miserably in public opinion, but his supporters still fancy B.O. as some sort of avenging sky-god, raining death from the skies upon those weak and isolated enough to be unable to mount a response.Don't get me wrong. You can't make a stack of dead terrorists too high to offend me. What's troubling is that Obama and his supporters believe that his drone strikes, coupled with the reported death of Osama bin-Laden, are Barry's crowning achievements and are supposed to demonstrate some sort of muscular foreign policy. But Obama has proven himself constitutionally incapable of standing up to any world leader with an ounce of moxie. Pulling the rug out from under Mubarak or facilitating Gaddafi's demise once his weakness was demonstrated count for nothing. The Iranians have strung him along for his entire term in office and the Russians thumb their noses at him at...(Read Full Post)