I Am Barack Obama's Worst Nightmare

I am a thinking, educated, intelligent, independent voter. I am fanatical in my support for the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. I believe that there is only one phrase that might be slightly more important than "We the People of the United States ...".  That phrase would be "In the Beginning the Lord said 'Let there be light'..." But the most significant thing that makes Barack Obama view me as his worst nightmare is simply this:  I tell the truth about him.  I don't need to lie.  I don't need to "create" a narrative.  What he has done all by himself is so appalling that any need for embellishment is stillborn. The MSM and Kool-Aid addicted left-wing pundits have praised Obama for his leadership.  I haven't seen any evidence of leadership.  I have seen coercion.  I have seen bribery.  I have seen "bait-and-switch" policy pronouncements.  But I have not seen leadership.  Leadership is convincing people who would...(Read Full Post)