How About an American DREAM Act?

In the three and a half years since Barack Obama took office the American Dream has turned into an American nightmare.  Listening to him grant immunity to illegal immigrants in his DREAM Act speech makes one wonder whether the President, who seems very concerned about the future of young illegals, ever considers the predicament young law-abiding American Dreamers presently find themselves in thanks to him. President Obama is either clueless or unconcerned that millions of Americans presently live in fear of never securing a good paying job, owning a home, or being able to adequately provide for their family. Whichever - whether he is clueless or unconcerned, neither option bodes well for America. Lest we forget, young Americans are the primary ones who "study in our [taxpayer funded] schools, play in our neighborhoods" and proudly "pledge allegiance to our flag." Children born and raised in this country are true "Americans in their hearts, in their minds, in every single...(Read Full Post)