Holder Met with Issa, Didn't Bring the Goods

Attorney General Eric Holder made an offer Rep. Issa refused after their 20-minute meeting Tuesday evening. The conference was one final effort to halt the contempt vote scheduled for 10 AM today.  Issa released this statement following the meeting.  I had hoped that after this evening's meeting I would be able to tell you that the Department had delivered documents that would justify the postponement of tomorrow's vote on contempt.  The Department told the Committee on Thursday that it had documents it could produce that would answer our questions. Today, the Attorney General informed us that the Department would not be producing those documents. The only offer they made involved us ending our investigation. While I still hope the Department will reconsider its decision so tomorrow's vote can be postponed, after this meeting I cannot say that I am optimistic.  At this point, we simply do not have the documents we have repeatedly said we need...(Read Full Post)