Holder Caught in More Lies About Fast and Furious

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday Attorney General Eric Holder stuck to his guns on Operation Fast and Furious. He lied, denied and acted smug while his posse, Reps. Waters, Lee and Conyers held the race line. At one point Congressman Issa referenced the "hostility" between himself and the attorney general. Holder's sociopathic response was eye-opening. With all due respect to Chairman Issa, he says there's hostility between us, I don't feel that, you know, I understand he's asking questions, I'm trying to answer them as best I can. I'm not feeling hostile at all. I'm pretty calm. I'm okay. Holder's calm, alright, dead calm. Slain federal agents and hundreds of murdered Mexican citizens have no effect on the arrogant, soulless corruptocrat. The hearing came after a week of back and forth correspondence between Issa, Holder and Rep. Elijah Cummings. Chairman Issa sent a June 5 letter to AG Holder acknowledging his committee had obtained sealed...(Read Full Post)