Her name is not Julia

Her name is Mary. She was born in the Midwest and grew up on a dairy farm with her father, mother and six siblings. Mary didn't attend Head start or kindergarten; she took her chances and went right for first grade. Her father had a night job in addition to working the farm so he could provide health insurance for his family. Mary's father didn't believe in government handouts, he believed in hard work. Mary and her siblings worked very hard on the farm every day milking cows (by hand), bailing hay and working the fields. Thankfully at that time, the government stayed out of peoples business and allowed farm kids to work the farm without being categorized as victims. This in turn allowed family farms to thrive as well as teaching children a core American value, hard work. Mary knew as a child that she wanted to pursue higher education; unfortunately, her parents would not be able to help her achieve that goal. Raising seven children and managing the farm took all of their resources...(Read Full Post)