GOP Super pacs widening funds gap with Dem counterparts

Enjoy this while we can. The Supreme Court is likely to take another look at its Citizens United decision next year as several cases are advancing in the lower courts. Given the shocking amount of money being thrown around, SCOTUS might make the political decision to strike it down. But for now, the GOP's Super Pacs are cleaning up and far outraising their Democratic counterparts. Fox News: The national campaigns backing President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are drawing even in their fundraising prowess, but new financial filings released show that the "super" political committees supporting the GOP candidate and his party are widening the money gap over struggling pro-Democratic party organizations.  The main pro-Romney super PAC, Restore Our Future, on Wednesday reported raising $8 million in May, giving it a total of $64 million so far. The group spent more than $55 million to defeat Romney's opponents during the GOP primary, and it is now reaping...(Read Full Post)