Giving a Self-Hating Jew a Boxing Lesson

We are in my office at Gleason's Gym, getting ready for Ari's boxing lesson.  Ari tells me that he hates Israeli right-wingers.  He thinks the Palestinians should kill them.  He seems to have forgotten that he himself is Israeli.  "You're a self-hating Jew," I say.  "You should read David Mamet and Norman Podhoretz."  I find myself in the ironic position of defending the Jews.  I am an atheist.  I haven't been to temple in fifty years.  And Ari is an Israeli Jew.  Being anti-Jewish...he might as well be rebelling against his own DNA. Ari leans forward, planting his elbows on the desk.  "And I suppose I should watch Fox news?" "You should."  I cross my arms and raise my eyebrow; I'm not about to be intimidated by some lefty "leaning forward."  "At least they present a dialectic by incorporating opposing sides like Alan 'Howdy Doody' Colmes and Juan 'smirky, raised eyebrows' Williams." Ari pulls back, folds his...(Read Full Post)