Fast and Furious Desperation

There is a school of thought among GOP party pros that Fast and Furious is a distraction, that President Obama would rather talk about anything other than the economy.  Much as I admire the insight and focus of people like Karl Rove, President Obama and his coterie are showing unmistakable signs of desperation.  We witnessed the President's gum chewing  demeanor, and awful presser performance in Los Cabos at the G20 summit -- a televised disaster that commandeered prime time television in the East. Anyone who thinks that claiming executive privilege was a strategy to distract Americans from the economy  should view the following four excerpts from yesterday's press briefing collected by Daniel Halper at the Weekly Standard.  Halper's captions capture the disaster: At today's White House press briefing, Press Secretary Jay Carney said invoking executive privilege is "entirely about principle." The assembled reporters laughed.... Carney also got basic facts...(Read Full Post)