Eurozone Moochers Pressuring Germany for Bailouts

We learn from London's The Guardian that Christine Lagarde, who runs the International Monetary Fund, is turning the screws on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to bailout Europe's failing banks. How else to describe Western Europe's elite other than as parasites?  Like some variation of ambulance-chasing trial attorneys, Lagarde and Europe's leaders are going for Germans' deep pockets.  The Germans would be fools to let their Western European neighbors pilfer their pockets.  The Guardian reported:     ...Lagarde warned that the euro is under "acute stress" and urged eurozone leaders to channel aid directly to struggling banks rather than via governments. She also called on the European Central Bank (ECB) to cut interest rates. And this from The Guardian:  The stark message from Lagarde, delivered to eurozone finance ministers who were meeting in Luxembourg, will increase pressure to come up with a unified approach to tackle problems...(Read Full Post)