Democrats Fret about Obama's Prospects

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that there's more than a little hand-wringing among Democrats about Barack Obama's re-election prospects.   The Big Brains and seasoned pros in the Democratic Party are groping for ways to right the president's listing campaign.  Or rationalizing that Mr. Obama's current political poor health is temporary.  Want a laugh?  Get this statement from Mr. Obama's campaign strategist (and '08 manager), David Plouffe: By November, "it's going to be about: Who do I trust more in [his] approach to the debt? Who do I trust more to create middle-class jobs? Who do I trust more to create an energy future? Who do I trust more as it relates to Afghanistan?" The debt, David?  You mean the national debt that your boss, Mr. Obama, added trillions to in just a few years?  Creating middle-class jobs?  How about creating any jobs, low, middle or high class?  Kinda flat in that department, eh, David?  And create an...(Read Full Post)