Democrats Fret about Obama's Prospects

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that there's more than a little hand-wringing among Democrats about Barack Obama's re-election prospects.  

The Big Brains and seasoned pros in the Democratic Party are groping for ways to right the president's listing campaign.  Or rationalizing that Mr. Obama's current political poor health is temporary. 

Want a laugh?  Get this statement from Mr. Obama's campaign strategist (and '08 manager), David Plouffe:

By November, "it's going to be about: Who do I trust more in [his] approach to the debt? Who do I trust more to create middle-class jobs? Who do I trust more to create an energy future? Who do I trust more as it relates to Afghanistan?"

The debt, David?  You mean the national debt that your boss, Mr. Obama, added trillions to in just a few years?  Creating middle-class jobs?  How about creating any jobs, low, middle or high class?  Kinda flat in that department, eh, David? 

And create an energy future?  David, might you be referring to all the green fairy dust Mr. Obama and the left have sprinkled throughout the president's term?  How about nixing the Keystone XL pipeline as an example of providing for the nation's energy future? 

Or, maybe, David, you'd like to hold up Solyndra has an example of a solid taxpayer investment in the nation's alternative energy future, fantasy though that that may be?  Why not send the president out campaigning in his very own Chevy Volt?  The Volt being yet another taxpayer-supported success story.         

This next bit of insight and wisdom comes from the highly paid duo of Stan Greenberg and James Carville:

"We will face an impossible head wind in November if we do not move to a new narrative, one that contextualizes the recovery, but, more importantly, focuses on what we will do to make a better future for the middle class," Greenberg, Carville and pollster Erica Seifert wrote. They added: "They know we are in a new normal where life is a struggle - and convincing them that things are good enough for those who have found jobs is a fool's errand."     

A "new narrative, one that contextualizes the recovery..."  Hmm, sounds like those guys are recommending that a smart set of lies about a "recovery" that's anemic at best is what's in order.  And talk about the future, they counsel the president, because your record is gawd-awful and the present pretty much stinks. 

And don't you like the line about there being a "new normal" in America?  Meaning diminished lives for Americans? 

Could it be that the focus group folk think life's a struggle because that's the new norm under Mr. Obama and his Democrats, whose policies have failed to lift the nation from a severe recession and its aftermath?

That's right, Democrat failures, Obama failures.  A failure of liberalism -- again. 

By the way, this "new norm" line is nothing new.  Democrats during the heyday of that gloriously successful Democrat president, James Earl Carter III, used a similar line to try to dupe Americans into believing that the nation's woes had nothing to do with Mr. Carter's governance or Democrat policies.  A feller named Ronald Reagan came along to put the lie to that propaganda.

Much of the rest of the Post article is filled with excuses as to why Mr. Obama is off to a stumbling start in his re-election bid.

What the Obama campaign will finally boil down to is a strategy of demonizing Mitt Romney from dawn to dusk.  Mr. Obama has precious little else left to try to dissuade voters from giving him a very big boot on the first Tuesday in November. 

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