Dallas' Al Sharpton Gets Caught

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price got caught.  He's been a fixture in Dallas politics for decades, quick to label others as racists in response to any slight offense he perceives. This just appeared on a Dallas Fox outlet. Price has long been Dallas' version of Al Sharpton.  Myfoxdwf.com reports: The federal government has released previously sealed documents connected to the public corruption investigation of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price. And according to the documents, investigators seized $500,000 in cash from Price's home and monies made from the sale of land in southwest Dallas. That information was made public now because Price's attorneys are contesting the forfeiture $229,500 specifically taken from a safe in his home. But the government did not want to disclose any of its evidence until after the primary, not wanting it to appear as if the government was interfering with elections. The documents said the FBI agents used electronic...(Read Full Post)