Commerce Secretary on medical leave following hit and run accidents

It is apparently out of bounds to suggest that Secretary Bryson may have been under the influence when he left the scene of an accident over the weekend in California. The seizure story explains some of what happened, but if the reports are true, there has to be another explanation given the strange way these seizures came and went as the Secretary hit two cars and conversed with the victims of one of his crashes. AP: "My hope is that he's doing alright. We're still trying to find out, it sounds like it was health-related in some way," Obama told KTIV television of Sioux Falls, Iowa. "But we're going to make sure, obviously, that he gets the best care and, you know,  we'll be able to make a determination from there."Obama said he had not spoken to Bryson and "just found out about this today," two days after the incident. Bryson allegedly caused two separate car accidents in the space of five minutes late Saturday afternoon in southern California. The cabinet secretary...(Read Full Post)