Cities are banning the feeding of the homeless

Most of the support for the homeless comes not from city coffers but from churches, non-profits, and private individuals. That's why a ban on feeding the homeless makes absolutely no sense. Reason Magazine: I blogged at Hit & Run last summer about a ban in Orlando-the first of the most recent spate of such big-city laws. In that case, members of the anti-war group Food Not Bombs had been arrested for feeding the homeless in Orlando city parks. Since then, other cities have followed suit. In New York City, for example, Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned food donations to the homeless earlier this year "because the city can't assess their salt, fat and fiber content." Those familiar with Mayor Bloomberg are likely only surprised here that Hizzoner missed adding sugar to the list of terribles. In a March 2011 piece on a proposed ban on feeding the homeless in Houston, Take Part writer Clare Leschin-Hoar noted that the city's ban would have added a panoply of requirements for feeding...(Read Full Post)