Big Labor's Other Disaster: California

Voters in San Diego and San Jose, the 8th and tenth biggest municipalities in the United States, decisively voted to redistribute income from the rich (public employees) to the middle class taxpayers who earn far less on average.  Both cities have strong Democratic registration majorities, indicating that the general public has fully absorbed the lesson that government jobs are wildly overpaid, and that it is necessary to choose between using money to serve the taxpayers, or using it to benefit the bureaucrats. Craig Gustafson of the San Diego Union-Tribune describes the measure approved in San Diego with 69 percent of the vote: A ballot initiative that would replace guaranteed pensions with 401(k)-style plans for most new city hires received overwhelming support Tuesday from San Diego voters who were clearly fed up with the decade-long civic discussion about the city's pension problems. Proposition B is viewed by supporters - including Mayor Jerry Sanders and City Council...(Read Full Post)