Are you ready for a 'global internet tax?'

Greedy, corrupt, shortsighted, anti-business - and those are their good qualities. I'm talking about the UN, of course, and their quest to fulfill the dreams of their founders to act as a one world government. C-Net: The United Nations is considering a new Internet tax targeting the largest Web content providers, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Netflix, that could cripple their ability to reach users in developing nations. The European proposal, offered for debate at a December meeting of a U.N. agency called the International Telecommunication Union, would amend an existing telecommunications treaty by imposing heavy costs on popular Web sites and their network providers for the privilege of serving non-U.S. users, according to newly leaked documents. The documents (No. 1 No. 2) punctuate warnings that the Obama administration and Republican members of Congress raised last week about how secret negotiations at the ITU over an international communications treaty could...(Read Full Post)