And the winner of Egypt's presidential election is...the military

The military council ruling Egypt has already won the presidential race. That's because no matter who is elected, they will have to serve under a parliament elected by rules set down by the military, act under a constitution that will be drawn up by an assembly appointed by the military, and likely constrained to act by laws approved by the military. Times of London: Egyptians voted on Saturday in the first free presidential election in their history that for many offers a choice of the lesser of two evils - a military man who served as prime minister under deposed autocrat Hosni Mubarak or an Islamist who says he is running for God. Reeling from a court order two days ago to dissolve a new parliament dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, many question whether the generals who pushed aside their fellow officer Mubarak last year to appease the prodemocracy protests of the Arab Spring will honour a pledge to let civilians rule. With neither a parliament nor a new constitution...(Read Full Post)