American Exceptionalism: The Things Americans Don't Do Well

For the past few years, there has been an ongoing narrative put forth by our current president and his more rabid (and mindless) supporters among Progressive-Democrats that America is not an exceptional country.  It's a puzzling kind of claim on their part since there are so many things that Americans do remarkably well.  Many of those things make us exceptional.  A few actually should be classed as unique.  Even the most delusional progressive would have to admit that having one of our citizens walk on the moon definitely qualifies as a one-of-a-kind achievement. But there is another, equally long list of things that we don't do well.  In some cases, we don't do them at all.  What our friends among the liberal, progressive, and Democrat fringe don't seem to understand is that these things that we don't do, or don't do well, contribute equally to American exceptionalism. For example, we don't murder our daughters because they married men they chose...(Read Full Post)