A Hamas victory in UN 'Human Rights' Council

I put "Human Rights" in quotes because you have to be Dafffy Duck to believe the council has anything to do with what any reasonably intelligent, partially sane human being would identify as "human rights." Case in point: Anne Bayefsky writes in the Jerusalem Post about a council meeting in Geneva where a parallel meeting to the main council gathering - a meeting sanctioned and advertised by the UN - featured a discussion on the destruction of the state of Israel: The Obama administration's political and financial backing of the UN Human Rights Council in another win for Hamas on Friday, June 22 in Geneva. A Hamas-affiliated organization and its supporters held an "informal parallel meeting" promoting the destruction of the Jewish state at the UN's Palais des Nations.The event was advertised on the UN website and listed on an official UN document headlined "Human Rights Council, twentieth session, 18 June - 06 July 2012." [...] Here is some of what Habeeb had to say while ...(Read Full Post)