A glimpse into the liberal mind

The recent victory for Scott Walker in the Wisconsin recall election was a stunning surprise for the left. Polling had been predicting a tightening race but Walker ended up winning the recall by a wider margin than he did during the general election. Even with Democratic turnout up heavily. The surprise caught the left and especially the left in the media, completely off guard. The result is that election night coverage provided an unusually candid glimpse into the thinking of the über left in America.

Commentators as politically diverse as James Taranto and John Stewart enjoyed the spectacle and humor found in the on screen meltdowns over at MSNBC. Both men make their livings skewering the politics of the day and the media coverage of the Wisconsin recall election was a target rich environment. If you apply any objective analysis to the opinions on display it was two parts funny and one part pure madness.

Some examples:

One erstwhile union supporter claimed that democracy died today. While worthy of a guffaw, what does it tell us about the mind of that voter? What about the people that voted for Walker, are they not worthy of having their votes counted? Should votes only count when you for the "right candidate"? The special type of thinking that calls the democratic re-election of a democratically elected Governor the "end of democracy" reminds me of the one party elections held in the old communist Soviet Union. According to Pravda at the time, those elections were clear indications as to how democratic the USSR was.

Rachel Maddow was almost completely unhinged in her panic during election night. Claiming that if Democrats don't win that it's a short slide into a one party system, all Republicans all the time for Wisconsin (Think of Wisconsin becoming the polar opposite of California -- quelle horreur!). To make that claim about a state that hasn't voted for a Republican President since Reagan in 1984 is pure insanity.  Her analysis revolved around who spent money on campaign ads. As usual from the hyper partisans there was no honest count of union money that flowed into the campaign. Her analysis also doesn't take into account the favorable media coverage from a media that is very friendly to union ideals. How much would the equivalent ad buy be for the amount of air time covering both the protesters sleeping in Madison and the Democrats that fled the State be worth?

The consensus on the left is that Conservatives bought the race and the race was undemocratic. The undeniable premise of the left is that voters are easily fooled by political ads, or if they agreed with Walker, their votes didn't deserve to count. This aligns well with such policies as "The Fairness Doctrine" which is about suppressing conservative voices.

It's obvious liberals fear the ability of the right to make their voices heard. The Wisconsin recall election clear shows that when presented with such clear choices, most Americans choose common sense over debt and depression. That is indeed bad news for liberals and they can barely hide their disdain for the everyday American.