Shocker: Press in SF sympathetic to tea party protesters at Obama fundraiser

Maybe it was because of D Day.  Or maybe it was because the weather was perfect.  Perhaps, it was the Venus Transit.  But the stars were aligned for the San Francisco Tea Party when Obama blew into town on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 for two last minute, back-to-back fundraisers, just two weeks after his fundraising blitz in Silicon Valley. 

Because it was a mid-day, mid-week, last minute event, the San Francisco Tea Party didn't have attendance numbers as high as the previous two Obama Protests attracted (unlike the Occupiers, Tea Partiers have jobs).  Nevertheless, we were in good form and had enough protesters to make an impact with our signature NObama 2012 Finger Waggers (hat tip: AZ Gov. Jan Brewer), a melange of chants and home made signs, and our "Hold the House*Seize the Senate*Nobama 2012," "Romney" and "Hope You Like the Change" signs, all of which can be seen
here and here.

Thousands of onlookers were lined up along the streets of San Francisco at both of Obama's fundraising venues along with protesters from both sides of the political aisle voicing opposition to Obama's economic policies, drone strikes (the new cause celebre of the anti-war left), support for the plight of the polar bear and legalization of pot.  

Yet, there is no question  the Tea Party dominated.

This was at least our 6th time protesting the arrival of Barack Obama in our fair city and its environs.  It's the first time we had such attention from the press who either ignores us or shows up, takes a few pictures and does a few cursory interviews.  The recorded interviews rarely make it to prime time news and if they do, the clips used are often edited to fit the story being hawked or fail to reflect upon us kindly. 

Recently, some news outlets have taken the lead on recognizing the Tea Party and have even been quite fair in their reporting, most notably (and hold onto your seats) the San Francisco Chronicle.  Perhaps, when SF Chron reporter, Carla Marinucci, was cast aside by the White House for recording a group that stood up and sang a bizarre song at one of Obama's fundraisers, well, perhaps she had a Juan Williams moment of clarity about this White House and the press.  I don't know but she has been doing excellent reportage on the Tea Party along with her "Shaky Hands Productions" partner, Joe Garofoli.

Needless to say, the press was not only ubiquitous at this Obama protest but we gave an unprecedented number of interviews to major news outlets.  They were seeking us out! As if that weren't fascinating enough, what really stood out was the consistency of the questioning from reporters which uniformly focused on the fact that this was Obama's 16th time in the Bay Area for campaign related fundraising and didn't that bother us and how about the fact that he sneaks in and out of every event.  Shocking, not just that they'd ask that question, but it was palpable they were bothered by it more than we were.

The fact that Obama has raised millions upon millions at these fundraisers isn't the issue.  I anticipate Romney will continue to raise at least that much if not more.  Until the system is completely overhauled, this is what politicians do on both sides to fund their campaigns.  Duh.  

It's that he has had over 150 of these fundraisers (twice the number Dubya had and begging the question, "Who is running the country?"  Oh, that's right.  Obama isn't a roll up your sleeves, sit at your desk and get the job done, hands-on kind of executive-manager.  He's a new breed of political elite who subcontracted out the job of running the country as its chief executive to over 130 unaccountable, unelected czars).

It's that he comes to San Francisco, breezes in, has his way with us, and then leaves as abruptly as he arrives.  Not even a wave to the crowd.

Then, while he is away, he ignores us and our problems and enacts policies that are actually injurious to the economy of California. Then, when he feels the urge, he's back, has his way with us again and leaves us in the lurch feeling used and abused -- he just wants us for our pretty surroundings and pocket books. 

He's come strictly as a campaigner-candidate.  He only cavorts with his supporters and never does anything presidential.  These events are strictly partisan.  There is nothing purple about them.

Now we all know for the right, California is a lost cause at present and focus will be in battleground states and conservative strongholds.  And since California is in the bag for the left, Obama will probably continue to visit and treat his supporters like concubines and the rest of us like we don't exist.

This sounds more like Big Man On Campus than President of the United States and I think some in the media might be waking up. (Knock on wood.)