Will the Real Cultist Please Stand Up!

When I see the charge of "cultist" leveled against Republican standard-bearer Mitt Romney, I wonder how to respond when the pot calls the kettle black? The common meaning of a cult is a group of people who accept the leader's thoughts and decisions in place of their own individual judgments and choices. The cult leader is charismatic, often striking, and unshakable in the surety of his wisdom. The cult leader alone has God's phone number on speed dial. Those who follow the cult leader - cultists -- reject what they might personally think, even when there is hard proof, if that is contrary to what the cultist says. From the outside, they appear brainwashed. Whether the cultist makes pronouncements on moral, religious, political, financial, or practical issues makes no difference. If he says it, it must be so...to his cult followers. Is Mr. Romney being vilified as a cultist by Democrats because their standard bearer is so obviously a cult leader? To Democrats and most of the media,...(Read Full Post)