WI Judge deals unions a setback in dues collections

The same US District Court judge, William Conley, struck down parts of Governor Scott Walker's union reform bill last March, including a provision that would have forced unions to recertify every year by getting a majority of members to vote in favor. But this important decision - forcing union members to "opt in" to having their dues deducted rather than the union's preference for an "opt out" clause - will force unions to be more responsive to members. JSOnline: What was decided Friday was how the state would arrange for dues deductions for those who join the unions until the appeals court rules on the matter. Attorneys for the unions urged an opt-out system that would have presumed all employees who belonged to a state union would have their dues deducted if they had done so before the new law limiting collective bargaining was implemented. But Conley sided with the state and ordered that they use an opt-in system, by which those who belong to a union must submit new forms...(Read Full Post)