West Virginia daze

1. My favorite political story of the year is Texas inmate Keith Judd, winning 41% of the vote against Barack Obama in the West Virginia Democratic Presidential primary on Tuesday. Judd carried 9 counties and came close to winning one of the state's three Congressional districts.  He may have earned the right to have a delegate or two at the convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, an odd place for a Democratic convention this year (right to work state, and now a member of the  group of states that has voted to ban gay marriage and it appears, even civil unions). Don't worry, the convention will not be moved.  North Carolina has 15 Electoral College votes and the race will be very closely contested there this year, as it was in 2008 (a 0.3% Obama victory).  North Carolina, like much of the Southeast, has seen a large influx of Hispanics in the last few years, and they are slowly shifting the politics of some of these states (Georgia and South Carolina are two...(Read Full Post)