We're saved! Bloomberg to ban sugared sodas over 16 oz.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg - warrior against obesity -- announced a ban on sugared drinks over 16 ounces to take effect in March of this year. New York Times: "Obesity is a nationwide problem, and all over the United States, public health officials are wringing their hands saying, 'Oh, this is terrible,' " Mr. Bloomberg said in an interview on Wednesday in the Governor's Room at City Hall. "New York City is not about wringing your hands; it's about doing something," he said. "I think that's what the public wants the mayor to do." A spokesman for the New York City Beverage Association, an arm of the soda industry's national trade group, criticized the city's proposal on Wednesday. The industry has clashed repeatedly with the city's health department, saying it has unfairly singled out soda; industry groups have bought subway advertisements promoting their cause. "The New York City health department's unhealthy obsession with attacking soft drinks is again pushing them over...(Read Full Post)